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HY-IG Spread Difference Chart and Analysis

This high yield minus investment grade spread difference chart is updated monthly.

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🗞️ Buy the dip

Shades of January... Yields crunch higher, the S&P takes a bath, the dollar weakens, Bitcoin tries to bounce, credit caught in the headlights and we gone front he sublime to the ridiculous. Alas, it's all in a day's work. Amid greater levels of risk market volatility into the final week of the month - and what had looked previously like a humdinger of a home run, we are [...]

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🍹 Shaken and stirred

Old school markets the focus... Back to business in the old world. We can look at the crypto market when it roars back to life. In the meantime, any fears on the potential for sharply higher inflation sees market yields higher (not on any word on the official tightening of policy) - but is enough to shake risk markets. Equities (tech especially) take fright (higher rates/bor [...]

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💶 Follow the money

What goes up, just came down!... Euro-denominated IG credit has returned -0.5% year to date (iBoxx index). But that's +1.3% for the high yield market in Europe. Mind, the headlines suggest that the HY market in the US is close to overheating, as borrowers flood the market and funding costs reach eye-wateringly low levels. European equities are just about hovering in the blac [...]

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