Non-Financial Corporate Hybrid Spreads and Yields

iBoxx EUR Non-Financials Subordinated Index data provided by Markit Group Ltd

i) Non-Financial Corporate Hybrid Index Spreads

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🎈 Markets lift off again

It's the moon next... Judging by the level of market activity, a fear of missing out has returned and must be the dynamic driving the rally. The US Thanksgiving break has just about arrived and it has seen investors pile in ahead of it. We're not going to see much after Wednesday's session, with normal business resuming some time next week. S&P is soon to be having a loo [...]

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🗞️ Corporate bond market in a sweet spot

IG spreads heading for record tights in 2021... We're into Thanksgiving week, but it's not quite a case of 'that's all folks'. There ought to be a flurry of activity into the long break, but next week still offers investors a chance to get involved or not. That depends on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales efforts, albeit clouded this year by the impact of the coronavirus p [...]

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🗞️ Corporate bond markets’ clear direction

Brakes applied, except in primary... It seems like markets have hit the proverbial brick wall. After a massive relief rally on the back of coronavirus vaccine developments, any fresh news on them isn't eliciting the same euphoric response (if any at all). Buy the rumour, sell the fact of course. Now it's the hard macro facts that are dominating. The second wave virus spread [...]

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Corporate bonds? Naaah, ₿itcoin

Bitcoin's rise has been relentless... We really should be talking about Bitcoin, because that's where the action is. We are at, or around, record highs in the US equity markets as the S&P and Dow look to imminently test 3,700 and 30,000, respectively. Such excitement. But The leading cryptocurrency's exponential gains since early September have seen its price close to hi [...]

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ii) Non-Financial Corporate Hybrid Index Yields