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High yield spreads and yields data in charts. This page shows HY index yields and spreads for the European market. iBoxx EUR High Yield Overall Index data provided by Markit Group Ltd

i) High Yield Bond Index: Corporate Spreads

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ii) High Yield Bond Index: Recent History

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iii) High Yield Bond Index: Yields

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🗞️ Solid opening stanza

We'll take that... The euphoria faded almost as quickly as it erupted although markets managed to hang on to enough of their gains, keeping them in the black for the week as well as for the opening period of 2021. The issues are unchanged. The pandemic represents the immediate angst, and the vaccine roll-out the hope. The new regime in Washington is trying to reverse the wor [...]

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🎇 Biden bounce fizzles out

Great start, more please... It's going to be strange, after four years of Trump, to return to normal. The establishment is back. As markets and investors adjust, the imponderables now don't really take in domestic US political risk, or uncertainty. We know what coming in that sense. As politics become much more predictable, we can start focusing more on global macro. How [...]

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🗞️ Investors positioning ahead of the curve

Biden transforms into markets' great white hope... The week is going to be one of stops and starts. In corporate primary, we haven't had much - save for Total SA lifting €3bn of hybrids on Monday - and it's likely going to be about opportunistic prints from here on. Biden's inauguration on Wednesday and the ECB meeting on Thursday will likely keep issuers sidelined. The sw [...]

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🗞️ Credit’s in a funny little place

Immune to volatility... The Japanification of the European corporate bond market is reaching its denouement. As it commoditises, investor acceptance (or, rather, frustration) is peaking at the lack of liquidity in secondary. There is a lack of excitement in not being able to transact worthwhile (or enough) relative value trades. Almost like zombies, we follow the leader. Buy [...]

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