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Corporate Bond Funds: Performance

Using data shared by Morningstar, creditmarketdaily.com collates and presents performance data pertaining to bond funds. With all data updated monthly, this tabular data tracks the latest performance of the corporate bond funds in the investment grade and high yield markets.  For each of these, the data is broken down into euro and sterling bond funds and presented in two ways.  The first is a ranking of the largest funds listed in order of total assets under management (AUM), and the second is a table showing the top-performing funds. These best performing corporate bond funds are ranked or ordered by their rolling one year performance data.

Please make use of the relevant buttons below to access the performance tables of each group of bond funds.

Investment Grade Bond Funds > Performance




High Yield Bond Funds > Performance




In each of the tables that may be accessed from clicking on the links above, there are some important pieces of information to keep in mind.  Total returns are annualised, as at last month end. Alpha data is also included in the tables. Alpha is the measure of an investment’s return in excess of the Morningstar Category average. Fund sizes are as reported by the management groups and the latest available to Morningstar. We also include a Morningstar rating in the tables. This rating is calculated based on a fund’s total returns, adjusted for risk and sales charges, relative to other funds in its category, based on a weighted average of a fund’s 3-, 5-, and ten-year ratings, depending on the length of its record.

If you have any suggestions or comments on these tables, or would like to market your brand alongside the bond funds data here on Credit Market Daily, please use this site’s contact form to get in touch and send a messge.  We are always very happy to hear from our visitors and to hear your thoughts.