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Bespoke Portfolio Risk Service

Independent bespoke portfolio risk consultancy service

CreditMarketDaily.com offers a London-based portfolio risk consultancy service focusing on European banks and capital instruments.  Led by GJ Prasad, our resident European bank capital specialist who has covered this segment for 15+ years, our portfolio risk consultancy service provides expert and ‘deep dive’ fundamental analysis on single names that are of topical interest.

This portfolio risk consultancy service is a truly independent and unbiased review of single names (and bonds) held within your portfolio based on a thorough and rigorous fundamental capital structure analysis of the issuer and a complete structural review of the terms and conditions of the bonds.  At the end of this detailed review, we discuss our findings with your team and set out our overall credit opinion.

This is not typical credit research as we don’t produce generic notes for distribution and make no specific investment recommendations.  Rather, this is a specialised, tailor-made risk report only for your use and reflecting our independent analysis and views, judgement and opinions on the credit profile of the issuer in review.  We share our thought process and detailed work on the name and the process by which we have reached our conclusions.  We also agree on the depth of analysis required to suit your requirements depending on the type of instrument to be reviewed.

We focus on names that need expert analysis and on names with limited (or no) coverage and hence give you a broader universe of names to follow.   Additionally, our review will give you the chance to debate our independent and well-rounded opinions to improve the overall risk framework on the names in your portfolio.

In order to eliminate any bias in terms of our analytical thinking, we do not require any details about actual portfolio holdings in terms of size, direction (long or short), investment horizon and any other investment guidelines.  You determine the name to be reviewed and/or the particular bond within that name to be analysed in depth and we will carry out the deep dive work on that.

We will agree on the actual scope of the assignment including delivery times and agree a price to reflect the level of work required.

Please contact us by filling out this form and we will discuss the assignment.

We also have the following ready-made reports available:

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