11th January 2019

Bank Capital is going Premium

Hopefully you have had the opportunity to enjoy reading the Bank Capital notes over the past few months.

We are delighted to launch a new premium product that we hope will be of immense use to you.  Authored and produced by our in-house expert GJ Prasad, Bank Capital Insights (BCI) will provide regular expert commentary on European bank capital asset class.

The commentary and analysis will focus on the specifics of the asset class, the state of play of the European banks and include linkages to macro-economic events, single name issues, regulatory changes and ever-changing industry landscape.

In particular, the publication will also focus on the interplay between equity and sub-debt instruments and highlight actionable ideas/thoughts that incorporate news headline to price action.  We believe that BCI is the first publication focusing cross-asset investing and to that extent, unique.

BCI will be published twice a week, usually on Monday and Wednesdays.  In addition to the regular BCI commentary, a trade idea in the Friday publication will also be published, reflecting ongoing market themes and state of play of the large European banks.  The trade idea will eventually form part of a separate, additional subscription, but for the first few weeks will be included in the standard creditmarketdaily.com subscription.

You can purchase a membership here to gain access.


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GJ Prasad

A senior European bank research specialist with significant breadth/in-depth sector knowledge, GJ has researched bank capital instruments extensively - having covered the asset class for more than 15 years as an analyst and 7 years as a risk taker in buy-side roles. His specialisation includes carrying out detailed financial modelling work on the European banks focusing on asset quality, earnings and capital adequacy metrics. His deep-dive work focuses on single name selection and extensive risk analysis on capital securities, especially on structural features, issuer credit profile and equity/AT1 valuation.